Japan and the Visegrad 4: The Unsensational Strategic Partners

Our Senior Researcher Rudolf Fürst published a new Policy Paper. This paper points out to the convergence between the Visegrad 4 and Japan that is driven by economic concerns and shared views on global political challenges. It also discusses the potential and real prospects of Japan’s rising interest in the V4 group.

The Euro-Japanese rapprochement stimulates the Japanese interest in the new EU member states, which are then matched with Japanese investments and Japan’s global trade strategy. The V4 countries benefit from their geographical position, existing infrastructure and political stability, industrial tradition, and low labour costs, emphasizes Rudolf Fürst.

You can read the whole policy paper here.

Rudolf Fürst is a Head of the Centre for EU-Asia Relations and a Senior Researcher at the Institute of International Relations. He focuses on Chinese foreign policy, EU-China, and Czech-China relations.