Kick-Starting Cosmopolitan Governance Through Science: The Case of a Giant Laser System

Nikola Schmidt and Ondřej Ditrych in their Policy Paper titled "Kick-Starting Cosmopolitan Governance Through Science: The Case of a Giant Laser System" propose a novel perspective on how large technical systems can enable global governance. The authors suggest that technologies may even become integrated into a political strategy seeking to develop more inclusive cosmopolitan governance.

Recommendations are articulated for a state such as the Czech Republic for which a pragmatic normative the framework defined herein provides a useful perspective to look at the governance of new technologies that ensure normatively desirable outcomes of sweeping technological change, and stimulate international scientific collaboration with positive spill-over effects to other domains of international cooperation.

This research was supported by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic. Particularly through a scientific grant TACR TL01000181: “A multidisciplinary analysis of planetary defense from asteroids as the key national policy ensuring further flourishing and prosperity of humankind both on Earth and in Space.”

Read the Policy Paper by Nikola Schmidt, a Head of the Centre for Governance of Emerging Technologiesand Ondřej Ditrych, a Director of the Institute of International Relations, here.