Dr. Mark Galeotti

Seniorní nerezidentní výzkumník, Ústav mezinárodních vztahů, Praha

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2018-současnost: Seniorní nerezidentní výzkumník, Ústav mezinárodních vztahů, Praha
září 2016–2018: Výzkumný pracovník ÚMV
srpen 2016–současnost: Principal Director, Mayak Intelligence SRO, Prague
září 2016–současnost: Adjunct Professor, Charles University, Prague
2016: Visiting Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations
2009–srpen 2016: Clinical Professor of Global Affairs, SPS Center for Global Affairs, New York University
2007–2008: Head of History Department, Keele University
1991–2008: Senior Lecturer in Modern and International History, Keele University
1996–1997: Senior Research Fellow, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
1990–1991: Adjunct Instructor, London School of Economics, London and Middlesex University, London


1988–1991: PhD in Government (Politics), London School of Economics, London. (PhD: The Impact of Afghan War on the USSR, accepted without revisions)
1987–1988: Political Liaison, Lloyd’s of London, London
1984–1987: MA History, Robinson College Cambridge University (Trevelyan Prize for History 1987)

 Zahraniční studijní pobyty, stáže

Visiting Professor: Rutgers – Newark, Charles University Prague, MGIMO Moscow

 Pedagogická činnost

  • April 2014: Transnational Organised Crime: MA course for MGIMO-University, Moscow
  • 2016–2017: Charles University: Intelligence' course, MA in Security Studies
  • 2009–2016: NYU (graduate): Transnational Crime; Transnational Security; Authoritarianism, Repression and Corruption; Hard Power: the uses and abuses of military force; Asymmetric Warfare; Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence; National Security Policy Making; Analytic Skills; Corruption and Anti-Corruption; Russia and the World; Global Empires; Prague and Beyond: security and transition in Central Europe (field course); Moscow: security, stress and stability in the new Russia (field course);
  • 2014–2016: MGIMO (Moscow): Confronting Transnational Crime
  • 2014–2015: Charles University: Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence
  • 2005–2006: Rutgers-Newark: Transnational Terrorism; Organized and Transnational Crime
  • 1991–2008: Keele University: Russian Organized Crime (graduate); Organized Crime in History; How To Stage A Military Coup;    War in History; Modern Russia; Afghanistan: the Soviet Union’s last war; The Italian Renaissance (co-taught); Modern Italy (co-taught); Rus’: medieval Russia (co-taught); Modern History: an introduction


anglický – rodilý mluvčí
italský – plynule
francouzský – dobře
ruský – středně pokročilý
český – začátečník

Oblasti zájmu

Russian domestic and foreign policy
Russian security affairs
Russian and Soviet history
Transnational and organised crime
Intelligence and covert operations
Military and non-military security challenges

 Členství a předsednictví v organizacích

  • 2017 – současnost: Member of the Advisory Council of the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement
  • 2010–současnost: Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Strategic Security
  • 2004–současnost: Member of the Scientific Board of the Journal Of Power Institutions in Post –Soviet Societies
  • 2002–2010: Member of the Editorial Board of the Crime & Justice International
  • 2000–2002: Member of the Global Forum Advisory Panel of LENS (Law Enforcement & National Security)
  • 1997–1999: Memeber of the Royal Institute for International Affairs Steering Group on International Drugs Trade & Organized Crime


  • 2008–2007: Global Crime: Managing Editor, Founding Editor and member of the Editorial Board
  • 2006: Jane’s Terrorism & Security Monitor: Transnational Organized Crime Commissioning Editor
  • 1993–2005: Boundary & Security Bulletin, Soviet Union Editor
  • 1992–2005: Low Intensity Conflict & Law Enforcement: European Editor
  • 1991–současnost: Jane's Intelligence Review: Editorial Adviser

 Další profesní aktivity

December 2017: One of the judges for the Organised Crime & Corruption Reporting Project '(Corrupt) Person of the Year'
Postgraduate examiner for: Oxford University (DPhil), London University (PhD), Macquarie University (PhD), St Andrews University (MPhil), NYU (MA) and Durham University (MA).

Manuscript reviewer: Harvard University Press, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and New York University Press.



  • (2019): Russian Political War: moving beyond the hybrid. London: Routledge.
  • (bude publikováno 2017): The Modern Russian Army, 1992 – 2016. London: Osprey.
  • (2016): Hybrid War or Gibridnaya Voina? Getting Russia’s non-linear military challenge right. Mayak Intelligence. ISBN: 9781365549809.
  • (2015): Spetsnaz: Russia’s special forces. London: Osprey.
  • (2014): Russia’s Chechen Wars. London: Osprey.
  • (2013): Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces since 1991. London: Osprey.
  • (2012): Paths of Wickedness and Crime: the underworlds of the Renaissance Italian city. New York: Gonfalone.
  • (2003): Criminal Russia: a sourcebook and course book on 150 years of crime, corruption & policing. Keele: ORECRU.
  • (2002): Russian and Post – Soviet Organized Crime. London: Ashgate.
  • (1997): Gorbachev and his Revolution. Basingstoke, Macmillian. (Elements of this book were republished in: Head, Tom (ed.): People Who Made History: Mikhail Gorbachev. New York: Gale, 2003).
  • (1997): Jane’s Sentinel: Russia. Coulsdon: Jane’s.
  • (1996): Unstable Russia. Coulsdon: Jane’s.
  • (1995): The Age of Anxiety, Security and Politics in Soviet and Post – Soviet Russia. Harlow, Longman Higher Academic. (Translated into Czech as 1998: Čas Úzkosti. Prague: Orbis).
  • (1995): Afghanistan: the Soviet Union’s last war. London: Frank Cass.
  • (1995): The Kremlin’s Agenda. Coulsdon: Jane’s Information Group.

Editor publikací

  • (ed., 2010): The Politics of Security in Modern Russia. London: Ashgate.
  • (ed., 2009): Organized Crime in History. London: Routledge.
  • (ed., 2005): Global Crime Today: the changing face of organized crime. London: Routledge.
  • (ed., 2002): Putin’s Russia. London: Jane’s.

Kapitoly knih

  • (2016): "RepressIntern": Russia's security cooperation with fellow authoritarian. In: Hug, Adam (ed.): No shelter: the harassment of activists abroad by intelligence services from the former Soviet Union. Foreign Policy Centre, London.
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Odborné stati (impaktované a recenzované)

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  • (1990): Baku, January 1990 – an exercise in desperation. Slovo 3.

Ostatní odborné výstupy


 Publicistika, vybraná mediální vystoupení

Mark Galeotti pravidelně vystupuje také v následujících médiích: MSNBC, CBC, Bloomberg TV, NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC 1, RT, Deutsche Welle, Arise TV, Al-Jazeera, BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, Canadian Broad-casting, Voice of America, Voice of Russia, NTV, RFE/RL, Hromadske, Discovery Channel, Channel 4, BSkyB a ČT1.





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  • Transnational Turmoil – A "Gift" from Russia's Underworld? ISN Security Watch, February 2014.
  • ..... and many more

Dr Galeotti rovněž pravidelně psal sloupky pro Jane’s Intelligence Review, ‘Russia Watch’, 1991–2006, a v té době přispěl do téhož periodika okolo 50 dalšími články.
Je autorem často citovaného blogu In Moscow's Shadows (http://inmoscowsshadows.wordpress.com/).
2011–2013 byl autorem sloupků ‘Siloviks & Scoundrels’ pro Moscow News.
1/2013–1/2014 byl autorem sloupků pro Blouin News.
Od května 2013 píše sloupky pro Russia! Magazine (http://readrussia.com)
Od dubna 2014 přispívá do Business New Europe (http://www.bne.eu), kde od roku 2016 zastává pozici přispívajícího editora.
Od dubna 2014 je sloupkařem Moscow Times.
Od ledna 2016 též pravidelně přispívá do War On The Rocks (http://warontherocks.com/)


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  • A Glossary of Russian Police and Security Service Acronyms and Abbreviations, this is periodically updated and freely available guide which was also distributed within the Foreign Office and related agencies, the UK Ministry of Defence, Interpol and the Pentagon.

 Akademické prezentace

  • Getting Russia Right: Dispelling Myths From 'Putin the Mastermind' to 'Hybrid War', ÚMV, 19. 6. 2019.
  • Panellist at round table on disinformation, Albany, London, 26. 7. 2018.
  • ‘Moscow as source, subject and scapegoat of the new populism’, keynote speech at Populism and Propaganda: new intersections conference, Sofia, 9. 7. 2018.
  • Democracy and Digital Misdeeds: Fighting Foreign Manipulation. Lennart Meri Conference. Estonia, 2. 6. 2018.
  • The Russian Mafia, at Home and Abroad. IIR, Nerudova 3, 3. 4. 2018.
  • Russian Strategic Behaviour, academic workshop at Marshall Centre, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 27. 3. - 28. 3. 2018.
  • Russia in 2018: challenges and responses. Keynote address to Baltic Defence College Russia conference, Tartu, 8. 3. 2018.
  • Russian organised crime in the global underworld. Video presentation to Mob Museum (USA), 12. 1. 2018.
  • McMafia: the Reality. University College London event, 7. 2. 2018. Livestreamed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2LF5lZI2VA
  • Lecture: The Challenge of 'Fake News' and the Security of Latvia in the 21st Century'. Latvian Presidential Discussion, 6. 12. 2017.
  • Speaker on Panel: Ukraine's Security. 6th Tiger Conference, Kyiv, 5. 12. 2017.
  • Understanding Contemporary Conflict Beyond Hybrid Warfare. Prague Insecurity Conference, 1. 12. 2017.
  • Lecture: Russian Foreign Policy. Parliament, Oslo, 27. 11. 2017.
  • 'Professor in the Pub' informal talk on hybrid war. Anglo-American University, 23. 11. 2017.
  • Russian intelligence services and hybrid war. Lecture at UK Delegation, NATO, Brussels, 16. 11. 2017.
  • Trust in the Cadres. Victims of Communism Centenary Commemoration conference, Washington DC, 9. 11. 2017.
  • Whither Putin's Russia. US State Department, Washington DC, 8. 11. 2017.
  • Russian propaganda. Prague Media Point Conference, 4. 11. 2017.
  • The Control of Russian Proxy Instruments. Online keynote speech. Canadian Royal Military College 2017 Adversarial Intent Conference, 10. 10. 2017.
  • Russia from Within (Panelist), Forum 2000, Prague, 9. 10. 2017.
  • Russia and Euro-Atlantic Security. Address to NATO Parliamentary Assembly Political Committee, Bucharest, 7. 10. 2017.
  • Russian Information Warfare. Address to NATO Parliamentary Assembly Committee on Civil Dimensions of Security, Bucharest, 7. 10. 2017.
  • Make Russia Great Again: Putin's foreign policy'. Lecture to visiting US State Senators, Prague, 16. 9. 2017.
  • IIR Security Breakfast, 25. 8. 2017.
  • The Uncertain Future of EU-Russia Relations. Prague European Summit, 13. 6. 2017.
  • Presentation: 'Russian Nuclear Policy' to workshop organised by Czech MOD, Vienna, 28. 4. 2017.
  • Respondent: The Disappearance of the Battlefield in the Age of Global Targeting. Institute of International Relations Prague, 21. 4. 2017.
  • 'Breakfast with Mark Galeotti'. Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Groups, Moscow, 6. 4. 2017.
  • "Fake News", Disinformation, the Scale of the Problem and What to Do About It". Transitions (TOL), 15. 3. 2017.
  • Presentation on Russian hybrid war to closed expert meeting at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, 6. 3. 2017.
  • Public debate on Russian policies and threats hosted by the ECFR, Sofia, 6. 3. 2017.
  • Silovik Stockholm Syndrome: Russia's security agencies as drivers, beneficiaries, and victims of Putinism. IFRI (France), 21. 2. 2017.
  • Russian "heavy metal diplomacy" . ECFR presentation, Warsaw, 3. 2. 2017.
  • Lecture to Academy of Young Diplomats: 'Europe after the annexation of Crimea'. AYD, Warsaw, 3. 2. 2017.
  • Russian hybrid war. OSW, Warsaw, 2. 2. 2017.
  • Breakfast with journalists. IIR Prague, 1. 2. 2017.
  • Russia’s ‘Hybrid War’: What Does it Really Mean, And How Should the West Respond? Mirror Hall, Czernin Palace of the MFA, 10. 1. 2017.
  • Participation in SWP-DGO round table on Russia and Germany, Berlin, 13. 12. 2016.
  • Tools of Control and Repression,' SWP-ZOiS Conference, Berlin, 12. 12. 2016.
  • Public lecture 'The Threat from Russian organised crime'. Estonian Interior Ministry, 24. 11. 2016.
  • Classes taught at Estonian Academy for Security Sciences, 24. 11. - 25. 11. 2016.
  • Russia: Global Colossus with Feet of Clay? Warsaw Security Forum, Warsaw, 26.-28. 9. 2016.
  • Putin's "War with the West": real? a threat? a real threat?, lecture at Colgate University, USA, 17. 10. 2016.
  • Closed Nuclear Threat Initiative Workshop on nuclear security in Russia, 14. 10. 2016.
  • Russia 2036: Still a Prisoner of Its History? Jak bude vypadat Evropa a svět za dvacet let. Ústav mezinárodních vztahů. 9. 11. 2016.
  • Inside Putin and Putinism: what Russia's leader wants and where he's taking Russia. NYU Prague, 13. 9. 2016.
  • What is the Real Threat from Russia? PSSI and Containall, 8. 9. 2016.
  • AMO workshop: NATO Warsaw Summit: What did Warsaw deliver and what's next? Polish Embassy, 6. 9. 2016.
  • Briefings on report ‘Putin’s Hydra’ on Russia’s intelligence services to:
    • Institute of International Relations Prague (květen 2016)
    • Estonian security officials (Tallinn, květen 2016)
    • Finnish security officials (Helsinki, květen 2016)
    • EU INTCEN and External Action Service (Brussels, červen 2016).
  • The Changing Nature of Global Crime and the Opportunities for Deeper US-Russian Cooperation Against It. Spaso House Talk (hosted by US Ambassador to Russia), únor 2016.
  • Russian Hybrid War. Riga Conference 2015, Riga, listopad 2015.
  • Crime, Kleptocracy, and Politics: Developments in Modern Russia. Hudson Institute Kleptocracy Initiative, Washington DC, prosinec 2015
  • The Rise and (Apparent) Fall of the Russian Mafia. MIT, Boston, únor 2015
  • Russia’s Spetsnaz and Non-Conventional Operations. ‘The USMC and “Ambiguous Warfare”’ workshop, Washington DC, únor 2015
  • Hybrid, Ambiguous and Non-Linear: How new is Russia’s “new way of war”? Glasgow University, červen 2015
  • Narcotics and Nationalism: Russia’s drug policies and futures. Brookings Institution, Washington DC, říjen 2014
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